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  • Spose – I’m Awesome [VIDEO] [BATM]

    This is what we’re Bumpin at the Moment… With the release of his first official music video for his smash debut single “I’m Awesome”, Maine rapper Spose solidifies a spot in white hip-hop culture. From beating mainstream artists on the local rock stations to receiving nationwide airplay, this hot track’s now #26 on iTunes in…

  • “Date Night” Movie

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 20th Century Fox. All opinions are 100% mine. As a huge fan of the Office and 30 Rock, there is no doubt in my mind that the new Date Night Movie, starring Tina Fey & Steve Carell, will be a monster smash in theaters…

  • Old Spice x Tim & Eric = Awesome

    Watching some TV earlier in the week I actually sat through a commercial break and was lucky enough to catch this Old Spice ad. It’s brand new, directed by Tim & Eric (from the Adult Swim show Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show on Cartoon Network) and features Terry Crews as the loud, agressive spokesman. Now…

  • Webstar Remixes the Hits

    Webstar Remixes the Hits

    So many hits, so little time… Instead of making ringtones, Webstar decides to jump on some of the hottest joints of the moment. DJ Webstar… I don’t even want to get into this guy and his sham… the whole Chicken Noodle Soup garbage and it’s permenant scar on the industry. Some people like him, some…

  • Cypress Hill – Carry Me Away

    Cypress Hill – Carry Me Away

    As we proceed, here’s the latest effort from Cypress Hill featuring Linkin Park MC Mike Shinoda on the hook. This would have made “Bumpin at the Moment” but it doesn’t quite put me in that mood yet. Download: Cypress Hill ft. Mike Shinoda – Carry Me Away

  • J Holiday x 2 New Drops

    J Holiday x 2 New Drops

    Here’s a little something new to help you over the hump from J. Holiday… I love some fresh music and some fresh air on days like this. Load up the iPod and do it to it. Out My Mind Girls Like These Download: J. Holiday – Out My Mind J Holiday – Girls Like These

  • Go DJ

    Go DJ

    A ShopTITS Exclusive… Check it. Expect some updates as soon as their spring collection goes public. Until then check out this shirt and the rest of the TITS collection at their online store here.

  • Big Boi – Shutterbug [FIRE]

    Big Boi – Shutterbug [FIRE]

    “Throw your dueces in the sky for the shutterbugs.” This track is something else! From the whole electro-synth lead and the booming bass, I get that summer vibe. Something else I say… Turn up the bump in the trunk and hit the road. Download: Big Boi – Shutterbug [FIRE]

  • Usher ft. Jae Millz – OMG (Remix)

    Usher ft. Jae Millz – OMG (Remix)

    It’s a fresh track from Usher featuring Young Money’s own Mr. Millz. I dunno about this one. You be the judge. Hit the links. Download: Usher ft. Jae Millz – OMG (Remix)

  • Talib Kweli – Ha Ha (Slow Down Son) Freestyle

    Talib Kweli – Ha Ha (Slow Down Son) Freestyle

    “Heavy smoke. Weed orange like Snookie… plus it hairier than a Wookie.” Keep it going… Reflection Eternal on tour now. Look out for their new album dropping soon. Download: Talib Kweli – Ha Ha (Slow Down Son) Freestyle

  • One Foot Out the Door x 2

    I admit. I got lazy and slacked off. Here’s the most recent episodes 11 & 12. Only one left so lets see if I can be on time with that post. In the tenth episode of Mike Posner’s web series “One Foot Out The Door” presented by Puma, Mike heads out to California for 4…

  • Nobody’s Fucking With Us

    Nobody’s Fucking With Us

    Here’s Crooked, Royce and Bun Bizzle doing what they do best: tear the shit out of a beat. This joint is off Royce’s next tape Bar Exam 3 and will feature Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz on the full track in addition to the verses we already hear on this snippet. That makes for 10+…

  • Pitbull x Trick Daddy – City of Gods

    Pitbull x Trick Daddy – City of Gods

    This joint is hot. One of those ones that makes grown ass men regret not having spring break fever right about now… where they could be hanging down in Miami with a mixed drink and a bad bitch by their side, grasp me? And the guilt trip starts… now. Listen/Download: Pitbull ft. Trick Daddy –…

  • Wiz Khalifa – Incompatible

    Wiz Khalifa – Incompatible

    Don’t sleep on this jam right here. This song is the truth! I haven’t heard something that gave me chills like this in a minute… I can’t quite finger if it’s the production or just the real talk in the lyrics… It’s probably a little bit of it all but it’s the story of my…

  • B.o.B x Warren G x Charles Hamilton

    B.o.B x Warren G x Charles Hamilton

    These ‘Nothing on You’ remixes are starting to pile up… Warren G liked this joint that much that even he had to jump on it. Yeah, that Warren G. If that makes you think that B.o.B is finally about to graduate to the game, then you might be onto something… What do ya’ll think? Listen/Download:…

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