‘The Cake Cartel’
We have been selling beats online since 2007; since 2009 under the Cake Cartel pseudonym. With satisfied clients from the world around, you can be 100% positive that buying beats from us is not only safe and secure but totally professional.

Using Beats Without A License
All tracks, unless noted, are available solely for lease or exclusive purchase and may not be used without prior agreement. From time to time we may release a limited number of ‘Free Beats’ that we haven’t otherwise fit into our portfolios. These instrumentals are made available strictly for personal usage. Where it is stated free beats may be used for promotional purposes only and may not be utilized in any way for financial gain.


Basic Lease – $35.00+
Premium Lease – $60.00+
Placement License – $150.00+
Exclusive License – Contact For Prices

Custom Beats

Aside from our ready-to-sell productions, we offer custom beats made exclusively for you. Your beat will never be released on our website, never licensed or sold to a third party and is yours and yours alone. Prices start at $500 per beat.

Custom beats will be tailored to your exact specifications. We will be in contact numerous times throughout the duration of the project and once you’ve submitted your description, barring setbacks beyond our control, we will e-mail you an MP3 sample within 3-5 days. This process will continue until the final product has been agreed upon. Once the full payment has been received, we will mail you the tracked out song in .WAV file format along with a contract granting you 100% rights to your custom beat. For more info, please contact us here.


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