Thursday ● September 19th, 2019 ● 6:32am

Let them eat cake.

Re-Boosting with Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the age of social-networking, where everything is done on the go – Boost Mobile just made it much easier for you to pay your phone bill thanks to their Re-Boost program. Basically they give you three flexible options to pay with: on-line, in-person, or pay by phone. On top of that, you can authorize automatic deductions on a monthly basis so you don’t even need to take the precious minutes off your daily grind to sit on hold with a sales-rep. Not to mention that if you’re a little low in change, they allow your friends or family to foot the payment for you that month. Talk about a pretty sweet deal.

As I mentioned earlier, in this age of social-networking, Boost makes it easier than ever to let your friends know what your up to on a minute-by-minute basis. Besides the fact that all Boost phones are chirp-ready – with their Blackberry 8330 ($199), the websites for Twitter and Facebook as well as their respective apps are a sure fire way to keep everybody updated while you’re on the go. Not to mention you get all the other features that come from a Blackberry at the Boost price – including email & web browsing, MP3 and a high-quality digital camera all built in! You can’t beat that. Another pretty sweet phone they recently introduced is the i1 (only in-stores) which features the Droid operating system, WiFi internet, and more – so you know it’s going to be a top seller. The Blackberry plan costs $60, where the i1 plan is $50. Both include unlimited Nationwide Calling, Text, Web, MMS (including pictures, audio and video messages), Instant Messaging, Email, 441 Directory Assistance, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding and Voicemail.

I use the Sprint/Nextel equivalent to the Boost Blackberry 8330 and let me tell you it is one solid phone. It was my first smartphone and the transition couldn’t have been smoother. The apps are easy to find, download, install and use. I’d recommend it to anybody. And now that I’ve learned that the Boost plan is 50% cheaper, I’m about to sign up with them when my contract is up this year.

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