About Leftover Cake

Leftover Cake was founded in late 2009 as an all-in-one resource/lifestyle blog providing a steady stream of quality content with specific focus on music, art and living the CakeLife. As a result of our loyal fanbase and the close relationships we maintain with the artists and brands that we feature, we have experienced resounding growth since our simple startup just over 4 years ago. Since the beginning we’ve been focused on featuring creatives from every end of the industry.

We don’t consider our staff to be that of a team but a family. And since day one we’ve assembled a network that’s rich with likeminded individuals from every end of the industry — DJ’s, radio personalities, photographers, videographers, designers, merchandisers, promoters, etc. — all with one common factor: BRINGING YOU THE BEST!

To that I say this: Why not? Or I could bore you to death with the story of a guy who, after a long night of drinking waaaaaaay too much, decided it would be a good time to eat the last slice of that awesome 3 tier chocolate cake he had in the fridge from a few nights back. Upon reaching the kitchen, our protagonist finds out out that some douche-bag ate the living hell out of that delicious final slice of leftover cake and, well, here we are today… Moral of our story is as follows: Stash your cake in places that those other people won’t find it… Ha. Or–as I prefer to tell it–get sloppy, find out the cake was a lie and rather than let it bother you, get creative with it!


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