Tuesday ● March 21st, 2023 ● 4:13am

Let them eat cake.

WTF are wtfJeans?

Keys, wallets, coin, clips, iPods, cellphones, lighters, matchbook, smokes…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been bugged out by the lack of pocket room on your favorite pair of jeans. If the same holds true to you, then these are the sickest pants you will ever rock! wtfJeans was only a dream, up until a few months ago. Now, via the magic of the interwebs, these jeans are available for a limited time during their beta stages. Yes, these jeans require a testing period.

So what makes wtfJ’s soooooo special, you ask? For one, they have an iPhone/iPod touch pocket with micro-fiber interior protection (sweet)! They also house a hidden, high-security pocket specifically meant for a USB stick. This is what makes these jeans a must have for just about anybody nowadays. Unlike regular jeans, the pockets of wtfJeans are designed soley with gizmo’s in mind.

However, being that the first stage of beta is up, we cannot comment on the overall feel of things and design but it’s just the thought of jeans with custom pockets for my tech toys that pretty much won me over.

wtfJeans are available in both mens and womens styles. Currently selling for $80, order NOW if you want to be the only person you know rocking these uber cool threads.