Katy Perry as Smurfette = EPIC

So while you stare at the above photo, just remember that I do have a valid excuse for dropping a pic of Katy Perry… with her mouth wide open and her voluptuous ta-ta’s literally trying to Shawshank their way out of her shirt! Ummm, I’ll be right back…

Rumor has it that Ms. Perry is in negotiations to voice everybody’s favorite blue babe, the one and only Smurfette.

Everybody knows the Smurfs, whether from the original airings or from syndication, and specifically the fact that Smurfette is the only female in the world. That must be pretty awkward… Oh well. They couldn’t have done a better job casting such a skanky chick in the role of neighborhood whore. I mean that is what Smurfette was right?

I guess this does rule out any chance that Smurfette will kiss a girl and like it… No word on when the movie will begin production.





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