Friday ● February 21st, 2020 ● 10:38am

Let them eat cake.

Marz “Juice” [DOPE!]

Marz is gearing up for his fist solo project “Early Mornings, Late Nights.” EMLT is a journey into the mind of Marz as he transformed from boy to man. Marz has pushed his sound to a greater level of individuality. He touches upon a range of styles and subject matters. Integrating Old School hip hop techniques, catchy hooks, hard hitting beats and electronic sounds with lyrics of broken relationships, bad jobs and attending class still drunk from the night before. “This project symbolizes all my emotions in a nut shell; happiness, sadness, loneliness and anticipation just to name a few” says Marz. The MC is striving to bring his audience in as deep into his music as possible. With plans to release the project independently in May 2012, Marz is making sure every detail is perfect. Not only did he mix most of the album himself but he is developing the artwork as well.