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Let them eat cake.

100 Grand “Carrie” [VIDEO]

Check this shit out. He spazzed!!

New York City, the birthplace of Biggie and Jay introduces a new MC aiming to make his mark on the world of hip hop and he goes by the name 100 Grand. Grand was born Seth Munford to middle class parents of African American and Hispanic descent, in Laurelton, Queens. While growing up, 100 Grand was motivated by the legendary rappers to come out of New York however it was West coast rapper Tupac Shakur who inspired him to begin writing poetry at the age of ten.

By the time he was eleven; Grand had developed a flow of his own and began rhyming to amazed family and friends. Though he enjoyed rapping Grand did not begin to consider rapping as a career until his junior year in college. While he continued pursuing his major for Business Management, Grand began working closely with a team of other entertainers with dreams of their own. However due to unforeseen circumstances this venture did not flourish. Although unsure of his next move Grand kept pushing for his dream. 100 Grand prepared himself for his introduction this industry as a powerhouse MC with lyrical prowess and the release of his first mixtape, Grand Opening Vol. 1 was his launching pad. “I’m hoping just to bring hip hop back to its original essence when it was about making heartfelt music, and bringing out different emotions in people,” Grand has said of his music. Soon after Grand began to garner buzz but it was the release of his mixtape, second Grand Opening Vol. 2 that he garnered the notoriety from New York City’s underground hip hop circuit.

With his new found growing fan base Grand has been able to meet other upcoming artist such as the late Stack Bundles. Stack Bundles was a NYC based rapper garnering nationwide attention quirky and powerhouse lyrics. During their brief encounters Stack helped Grand form his style and taught him to the multiple reasoning for using a specific beat. 100 Grand was one of the few privileged enough to hear Stack Bundles never before released songs before his passing. While hit hard with the death of his idol, Grand became even more motivated in his quest for hip hop stardom. Another artist Grand has been able to work with is Boogz Boogetz, an up and coming artist making a name for him as well.

Through his continuous networking and performances Grand has been able to work with many hot producers however it is with NYC’s new talented producer Christian “Lean” Diaz who has worked with artist such as Akon, that ,he lyrical evolution of Grand has been evident. Together they began working on 100 Grand’s third and his most genius mixtape to date, Access Granted: Gift To You. While promoting his brand, ZULU G.A.N.G, Grand has been making the rounds at hip shop showcases as well as open mic sets. He has done numerous interviews one being a television segment and another with Protégé magazine. His mixtape, which he hopes to drop by christmas will be available through all major music distributor including Itunes, Amazon, Napster, and Rhapsody.

As he prepares to hit the streets again with his thoughts and life experiences, Grand keeps on thought in mind, “Only God can judge me,” which Tupac uttered on his All Eyez On Me LP. He lives his life by his quote and believes that while having fans would mean a great deal to him having believers would mean even more.

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