Thursday ● May 23rd, 2019 ● 11:21pm

Let them eat cake.

Dave Raps “Alive” x “H.Y.P.E. EP” [FRESH]

Dave Raps brings you his latest installment H.Y.P.E. which is a must download for all listeners who are looking for a break from those watered-down radio tunes. Take a listen to H.Y.P.E. and you’ll be able to hear why Dave is slowly but surely creating his own lane. Chock full of all original music from the rapster himself, H.Y.P.E. sheds light on the mindset of the 20-year old MC. This project is full of sick samples, bangin’ beats, slick lines and ‘a whole lot of love for the ladies’ (Leon Phelps voice). With more projects like this from Dave, we could expect him to be making a transition from your computer screens to the big screen.

Dave Raps – Alive [MP3]
Dave Raps – H.Y.P.E. EP
| Hulkshare

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