Thursday ● August 22nd, 2019 ● 5:59am

Let them eat cake.

Featured Artist: Ken the Coolest Nerd

OK… So who is “Ken the Coolest Nerd? And what is this NERD PRIDE he speaks of? Listen up! NERD PRIDE is a combination of a few ideas all rolled into one concept. To keep it brief, Its about freedom of one’s thoughts and creative expression. Life is actually simple but due to all the restraints we place on ourselves psychologically, we become motionless. We are inept at growing as individuals. Growing up in my household, all forms of creative expression were encouraged. What is better than being CREATIVE? Everything starts with the BRAIN! The mind is such a powerful instrument. Nothing ever in the world can be produced without first being thought of. But somewhere through the years being SMART was considered UNCOOL. This couldn’t be any further from the truth! What’s UNCOOL about using your mind? Because you haven’t been f*cked until you’ve been MINDF*CKED! The NERD is the new COOL! The UNACCEPTED now becomes the ACCEPTED!

– kenTheCoolestNERD

Definitely a movement worth taking a good look into. Look for his next release “Revenge of the Cool” dropping October 22nd. You can also find Ken on Twitter and Facebook or on his official Tumblr.

Either way keep an eye out for this guy, and send him your feedback. Maybe he’ll leak us an exclusive track or two…