Saturday ● August 24th, 2019 ● 4:31pm

Let them eat cake.

Featured Artist: J.F. Brooks aka JerzyfromBrooklyn

We’re in a time when the Internet is king. Building a webpage to promote your own music is elementary. Music lovers are inundated with new artists vying for a spot in their music collection. It can be difficult to differentiate between cubic zirconia and a real diamond in the rough; hard to differentiate between amateurs and true MC’s. J.F Brooks aka JerzyfromBrooklyn is a true MC using “witty” word play, genuine subject matter and flows that would turn the toughest critic into a loyal listener. JerzfromBrooklyn is destined to be the aurora borealis of our generation, a natural wonder. He was raised in Brooklyn and Jersey City his whole life. His art evolved from drawing to music, from playing the sax to recording music. Apart of a collective of young artist who plan to broaden horizons and assist in creating opportunities otherwise unavailable in our community. BiGCiTY BiGCiTY Inc!!!

What’s good, Cake Eaters? It’s that time once again for another LC: Featured Artist. And from the looks of things, BK’s grinding like burger meat beause this time we’ve got another Brooklynite on the come up.

22-year old J.F. Brooks aka JerzyfromBrooklyn not only spins a tangled web of wordplay and alliteration – his rhymes are just plain good. Jerz spits solid line after solid line of lyrical gold and he’s just looking at the big picture, waiting for his big break. Currently in the studio working on his debut album “Undeniable”, Jerz has worked with up and coming producers such Paris Diamond, The Watchers and Che TRiUMPH.

He just released a demo “Without a Doubt” and as far as we’re concerned there’s really no doubt at all about this guy. Download the demo and see for yourself.

J.F. Brooks on ReverbNation & Twitter

JerzyfromBrooklyn – “Without a Doubt” EP