Monday ● February 24th, 2020 ● 7:21pm

Let them eat cake.

Taio Cruz ft. Ke$ha & Fabolous – Dirty Picture {REMIX}

Snap. This shit is pretty tight. It’s Tequila Tuesday so I’ll throw ya’ll a jam you can take to the clubs… Taio Cruz featuring Ke$ha & Fabolous on the Dirty Picture reeeeeeeeeemix.

“The song is actually about sending sexy pictures to your significant other,” Cruz explained. “If you miss each other and you can’t see each other, you’re far away from each other, you send pictures to remind each other of how sexy you are.”

Cruz said that while Ke$ha’s name wasn’t the first to come to mind as far as collaborators go, she seemed to be the best fit for the song.

“I was thinking about Lady Gaga at first,” Cruz offered. “Then I went to a meeting with Dr. Luke and he was telling me about this new girl he was working with. She hadn’t done ‘Tik Tok’ or anything like that at that point. But I just thought she sounded really cool. A very unique-sounding voice. I like that with artists, that as soon as you hear them on a song on the radio, you know immediately who that is without having to be told. (MTV)

Download: Taio Cruz ft. Ke$ha & Fabolous – Dirty Picture [Remix]