Friday ● July 10th, 2020 ● 11:00am

Let them eat cake.

J. Cole “Funkmaster Flex Show” Freestyle

This shit is crack. He’s making big moves. More proof is available in the download below. Let’s get it…

This kid goes in, check it….

“Look at the time, how could you think your shit is sicker than mine? Ask your homie, ask your girl, ask your ni**a that rhyme! This is Andre mixed with Kanye mixed with Jigga then Nas. Couldn’t name a bug with a buzz bigger than mines!”

“I need someone thats gon’ be my baby, not someone sayin what have you done for me lately? I took you out, I dug you out, oh what that ain’t enough? You want my mind, you want my time, but nah – that ain’t whats up… Time is money, I can’t afford that now. But girl you give the best brains, you got a smart ass mouth!!”

Download: J. Cole – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle