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  • Royce Da 5’9″ – “The Bar Exam 3” [LEAK]

    Royce Da 5’9″ – “The Bar Exam 3” [LEAK]

    No matter how hard an artist tries to keep the shades pulled down over a project until its official release date, there’s always somebody willing to break a window, poke their head inside and take a peek. All mixtapes suffer the same fate and BE3 was no exception to the rule. Anyways here it is,…

  • Kanye West – Power [Lyrics]

    This ain’t something we NORMALLY do but I just got hit up with an email. GOOGLE works wonders kids… VERSE 1: I’m livin’ in the 21st century Doin’ something mean to it Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it Screams from the ’80s, got a nice ring to it I guess every…

  • Kanye West “Power” [NEW SINGLE]

    Kanye West “Power” [NEW SINGLE]

    OH MY… I am at a loss for words. Having just read that Gary Coleman died, I felt pretty bad and here we are 15 minutes later – I hear this and I’m all smiles. What the fuck gives?! This track goes for days and is what we’re “Bumpin at the Moment” My thoughts: Mr.…

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops [Official Gameplay Trailer]

    We got dudes rappelling through windows, helicopters air strikes, Dragons Breath ammo for the shotgun and some enemy soldier getting his ass thrown off the side of a mountain… but I’m most excited about the exploding fucking crossbow arrows (1:03). FTW, you panzy bitches. This trailer may have been misleading considering only about 35-40 seconds…

  • Asher Roth’s “Muddy Swim Trunks” Video

    This guy’s funny. Call him gay, call him a poser… Call him whatever you want. I’m gonna call him unique. Now you can call me a Stan. Oh well…

  • Fabolous “Long Gone” x “Cuff Yo Chick” ft. Bow Wow

    Fabolous “Long Gone” x “Cuff Yo Chick” ft. Bow Wow

    I didn’t just hear Bow Wow say “she wants to ride my Houston Rocket,” did I? Oh well, here’s 2 new Fabolous tracks (Exclusives, might I add?) from the Wake, the first is a pretty banging joint effort called “Long Gone” featuring Lil Mo. Where’s she been? I ain’t heard here since like 2002!! No…

  • Eminem x Stat Quo “The Ruler’s Back” [Ja Rule Diss] & “Atlanta on Fire”

    Eminem x Stat Quo “The Ruler’s Back” [Ja Rule Diss] & “Atlanta on Fire”

    Uh, yeah… So let’s take it back a few years to when this beef was at its peak. I don’t know how relevant it is to start popping off again, am I right? Well either way, Slim Shady and Stat go hard on both tracks. I guess Stat Quo is finally gonna drop an album,…

  • Drake “July” & “Miss Me” ft. Lil Wayne [Radio]

    Drake “July” & “Miss Me” ft. Lil Wayne [Radio]

    Another one of these sing-songy tracks. Lose the AutoTune, lose Young Money and do yourself, bro. Otherwise you’re gonna be another name on the long list of people who should be doing big numbers but won’t. Trust me… Anyways, the “July” track is way too slow and I can’t listen to it. As for the…

  • Nicki Minaj “Hello, Good Morning”

    Nicki Minaj “Hello, Good Morning”

    It’s a clean edit but anything with Nicki on it will forever remain dirty. You know what I mean… Here’s Dirty Money, Officer Ricky and Nicki Minaj with “Hello, Good Morning” (Remix) Download: Dirty Money ft. Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj – Hello, Good Morning (Remix)

  • Jadakiss, Uncle Murda & Tone “It’s Whatever”

    Jadakiss, Uncle Murda & Tone “It’s Whatever”

    Owwww! New Jadakiss off of The Champ is Here #3 – however this drop is DJ free. It’s whatever, cuz. How you want it homie? Hop off my musical dick. Download: Jadakiss ft. Uncle Murda & Tone – It’s Whatever

  • Plies ft. Trey Songz “Kitty, Kitty” [NEW]

    Plies ft. Trey Songz “Kitty, Kitty” [NEW]

    Ahh man… I hate Plies with a passion, and I’m passionate enough to know that this song will be hot regardless of his ramblings. I can’t even say its Trey’s best effort, all he utters is “Here kitty, kitty” but whatever… This song is gonna be the next “Bust It Baby” Download: Plies ft. Trey…

  • The Game x Richie Wess x Juice “For My Bitch”

    The Game x Richie Wess x Juice “For My Bitch”

    This track is sick. You don’t really wanna die for my bitch? Game is killing this shit. Haha, doesn’t come much better. The beat is sick and the lyrics are the truth. Fuck a 50 Cent piece. Game’s still got game. Dude kills this track. Download: The Game ft. Richie Wess & Juice – For…

  • Trey Songz “Let U Down”

    Trey Songz “Let U Down”

    Another banger from Trey. I’d like to hear this on the radio, in the clubs… wherever they allow music to be played, really. People should take lessons in love from this dude, instead of clowning 24/7. Ya’ll know who you are… Step it up! Download: Trey Songz – Let U Down

  • Alicia Keys “Rapture” [BATM]

    Alicia Keys “Rapture” [BATM]

    What am I “Bumpin’ at the Moment?” Step into our world. Fuck the haters! Yes, she might be a home wrecker [cough Swizz Beats & Mashonda cough] but no matter what – NO MATTER WHAT – I love this woman! She’s like a siren or something… This joint is nostalgic as you could probably already…

  • The Dream x Diddy “Champagne”

    The Dream x Diddy “Champagne”

    In case you’re confused, the pic above is of Cassie and Christina Milian – both of whom’s men are on this track. That’s the connection… I swear this Diddy recycling plant is killing me inside. It’s like every time I hear a verse from this guy, its so similar to another verse he’s done previously…

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