From the Kitchen to the Stage: Roger Mooking Drops His Sixth Album, ‘Soundbites’

Today Juno-award winning Toronto rapper, globally recognized celebrity chef, restaurateur, author and star of popular Food Network and Cooking Channel shows Man Fire Food, Everyday Exotic and Heat Seekers ROGER MOOKING releases his sixth rap album titled “SOUNDBITES along with his new visual from the project “I Can’t Stand.”

Roger Mooking is a globally renowned celebrity chef, known for his expanding culinary empire encompassing restaurants, television appearances, and bestselling books. However, his journey into the realm of culinary excellence began as a pioneering rapper, where he made significant contributions to Canada’s contemporary Hip Hop scene. He was not only a solo artist but also a founding member of influential groups like Maximum Definitive and Bass is Base. This Trinidadian-born artist, raised in Canada, boasts an impressive discography with five albums, including a Juno award to his name, along with several Juno award nominations.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, Roger Mooking has graced us with his sixth studio album, “SOUNDBITES.” This album draws its inspiration from the intriguing fact that the average human attention span lasts a mere 8.25 seconds. “SOUNDBITES” is a lyrical masterpiece comprising fleeting tracks that celebrate the essence of music, community, creativity, and chaos, all while delving into the concept of how time shapes and defines our world, particularly from a Black perspective. The tracks in this album are divided into three distinct parts, each mirroring the different stages of life: the Learning, the Living, and the Leaving. It’s worth noting that “SOUNDBITES” also serves as the soundtrack to Roger’s upcoming book, “Curious Sounds: A Dialogue in Three Movements,” set to be released on Tuesday, October 24th.

Listen to Soundbites:


01 Blank

02 Aquatic Inferno

03 Its My Birthday

04 Im An Adult

05 Francescas Reading Room

06 Pretty Penny

07 Listen To Granny

08 Practice Daily

09 The Other Guy Returns

10 Stuck On Stoopid

11 The City 2.0

12 I Cant Stand It

13 Screwface Capital (feat Mastermind)

14 Played Out

15 Fearless

16 When Words Fail

17 Imagine That

18 Twice A Child (feat francesca ekwuyasi)

19 Black Death (feat Jully Black & francesca ekwuyasi)


Roger Mooking is well known as a celebrity chef and the host of such television shows as the Cooking Channel’s Man Fire Food and Everyday Exotic; he is also a Juno-Award winning recording artist with five albums to his credit and a visual artist who creates immersive experiences that merge the visual, sonic, and culinary arts.






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