New Video! Mr. Hubb “Grown Man Shhh

“The Grown Man Shhh video was very intentional in regards to depicting how the residue from being victims of poverty, mental health, cradle to prison pipeline thinking, systematic & educational injustices, domestic violence, etc can be overbearing on young minds but especially black & brown boys.  These untreated traumas become culture and have wreaked havoc on communities of color and leave youth looking for guidance in all the wrong places. Or how a mother doesn’t realize that her children are being victimized by her choices of abusive companionship and grow up accepting abuse as love. The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center uses the arts and credible messengers as high risk interventionists to de-escalate violent situations everyday.  So we chose to demonstrate the ills of our communities being triumphed by great leadership, true community-based violence intervention and the arts as the disciplines to identify, release and heal. This cinematic visual combined with a masterful combination of lyrical storytelling will be ultimately used as a teaching tool to Help UBecome Better!–“






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