Gattie Tha King Is Back With Portrait Of A King 2.0

Fresh off the heels of being the first artist in music history to release a Book (Thru A King’s Eyes: 20/20 Wisdom) and Album (Thru A King’s Eyes) on the same day, Gattie Tha King is back with his 11th studio album Portrait Of A King 2.0. This project features singles “Earn Your Leisure”, “Like No tomorrow”, and “Let Me Love You”. Once again Gattie is out to prove he’s one of rap’s underground top 5 dead or alive. On “Convo Wit Dirty” he raps in a conversational style like Dmx’s “Damian” or Notorious BIG’s “Gimmie The Loot” with his deceased partner in rhyme The Dirtiest R.E.D. He creates even more Nas Comparisons on “Still Me” where he raps “Balanced the scales of karma me and the universe even/beauitful life ugly past my angels murdered my demons/now I respond different react more strategic/practice black excllence with black love we all need it”, it makes even more sense now. On “The Ghostface Killah Song” he pays homage to the Wu-Tang goat by not only taking his song titles and converting them into verses, but actually sounding like the Staten Island legend. Gattie definitely continues to show no signs of slowing down with another hot Summer release.

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