Zekey Freaky released his new EP “Mr. Romantic”

Harbor City’s own Zekey Freaky released his new EP “Mr. Romantic” on Valentine’s Day of this year (2/14/22). The EP features 6 songs that were written by the singer-songwriter, and dives into a different form of presentation for Zekey Freaky as he paints the visual of him as a “Love Symbol.” Zekey Freaky has worked hand in hand with producer YE Beats for this project. As the name of the EP states, Zekey displays through all 6 tracks why he indeed is “Mr. Romantic,” what that means to him and the ladies, and how this representation suits him. It’s not your typical Valentine’s Day album, as it blends the mixes of West Coast Hip Hop/R&B, Trill, and even some Latin roots not everyone gets to see Zekey Freaky embrace regularly.

One of the top tracks from the EP is “2AM,” a song focusing on Zekey Freaky telling a beautiful girl about pulling up late at night and how she loves their interaction and chemistry. He stated, “We all know what it’s like to have those late night cravings and want to call that person that makes you feel complete. That’s what I wanted to emulate with this track.” It’s definitely a track dedicated to the ladies, and it’s exciting to see the success of this song build as the days go by.

Another popular track off of the EP is “Don’t Lose Me.” The name of the track itself gives its biggest clue of what the context is about, as Zekey Freaky breaks down the balance of having him by your side and the possibility of losing that energy. “Not everyone deserves your energy,” Zekey stated, “but if you find that right person, you also have to remind them what’s at stake and the cost of losing that. I believe in that highly, it’s in my D.N.A.” It truly shows that at this point in his career, Zekey Freaky doesn’t plan on losing anymore going forward.

You can purchase or stream the new album at all major music retailers and streaming platforms. For more information about Zekey Freaky, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.






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