Monday ● October 3rd, 2022 ● 4:25am

Let them eat cake.

J. Cobb Fuses Genres and Art in Cleverly Animated “Find Yourself” Visual

Songwriter J. Cobb has spent much of his career bringing together elements of Hip Hop, R&B, EDM and Rock into his brand of eclectic music, and his latest release “Find Yourself” is no exception. The vibrant HyperPop track accents the richly animated storyline of the visual, which was created by Vaughn Taormina, a grad of New York’s prestigious Cooper Union School of Fine Arts and an alumni of Red Bull’s House of Art.

“Find Yourself” follows J. Cobb through a museum, where he becomes the art, surrounded by other art that is readily destroyed. This is all inspired by the powerful message in the song, which the Detroit native delivers passionately over an electric rock-infused track produced by Jay Cooper.

Watch “Find Yourself” below, and stream the song on your favorite platform here:

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