Houston’s Radeem Raises A White Cup To “Muddy Waters” In Latest Visual

Songs about the unofficial drink of Houston abound but whilst most glorify its use, touting the euphoria induced by the infamous ‘drank’, Radeem comes clean about the escape it has become in his overwrought life. “Muddy Waters” then is emblematic of both the life issues most of us currently face as well as the crutches we employ to cope with them.

“I wanted to bring awareness to different obstacles many of us face when trying to overcome. Whether it’s a cup of promethazine syrup the fear of breaking away from a toxic environment, it’s very possible to make it across your muddy waters.”

For Radeem, a Houston native born in the middle of eight siblings, music has become a healthy means of working through and overcoming both the family tragedies and many challenges faced by all Black men he has personally encountered. In “Muddy Waters” he offers up respect to the music legends that inspired him, and hope to the folks going through it like him.

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