Thursday ● August 18th, 2022 ● 2:52am

Let them eat cake.

New Music: Baguettes – S.A.T.

Baguettes just broke up the monotony of this quarantine with their new hit, “S.A.T”

“Was going through some 70s playlist and listen to Rolls Royce wishing on a star and I was given the task by our engineer juice to make a song not about love and make sure it was modernized. Without writing it but off the top of my head. The right thoughts at the right time made baguettes”. – Malice

“Baguettes is my favorite type of diamond I stay talking bout them so malice ran with it. so I’m just thinking bigger then life and sprinkle a bit of my life into it. We weren’t allowed to write for this song so I just went with what came to mind. This song is our raw talent without writing so its purely us having a good time with whatever comes to our minds. – Nova