Monday ● February 24th, 2020 ● 4:43am

Let them eat cake.

Lil Waah “On My Arm” [DOPE!]

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Lil Waah got the rapping bug at an early age and virtually grew up in Powerhouse Studio with his Dad, surrounded by the music of DMX, Jadakiss, Eve–and like so many other children, he was influenced by the music and artistry of Michael Jackson. Spending all that time in the studio with his father and uncle, Waah had the opportunity to also learn how to produce and write music from his cousin Swizz Beatz. In 2010 at the age of seven, Waah wrote his first song and won the New York State WOW contest. That same year he performed and wowed the crowd at Harlem’s Juneteenth Celebration. In 2012, Lil Waah was also featured on BET’s “The Cipher” alongside DMX and DJ Premier. In 2013, Waah released a series of viral videos that garnished massive views including “Jump” and “Showtime” featuring Swizz Beatz. As a follow up to those heat-seekers Lil Waah is gearing up to release his first official mixtape, Playtime Is Over, which will be released on 8-19-14, and it will be hosted by Swizz Beatz and released and distributed by Ruff Ryders Indy, Inc.

“On My Arm,” embodies the elements of a new teen pop-star, energetic with a smooth playful flow it verifies why Lil Waah is not only Ruff Ryders next superstar; but the face of Hip-Hop’s next generation. While he maybe young, Lil Waah’s experience far outweighs his age as he asserts “I just want people to feel me and appreciate my work,” he says. “I take this seriously. I don’t do this because people get paid from it. I really want to change the way music is done.”