Sunday ● April 5th, 2020 ● 2:55pm

Let them eat cake.

Five Steez “Deadly” (Prod. by DJ Crooks) [DOPE!]

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‘Deadly’, produced by DJ Crooks, features a classic Hip Hop breakbeat mixed with a vintage Reggae sound and a signature Dancehall chant. Equipped with sharp verses as well as a hypnotic hook and bridge, Five Steez makes this one a sure crowd pleaser.

“I had fun with this record because it’s so Hip Hop, and it fuses elements from different Jamaican genres so well,” says Five Steez. “I just went in with the flow and, of course, I had to big up people like Heavy D and Chubb Rock, who were also born in Jamaica.”

“I’m glad that Five rocked it like he did,” says the California-based, Jamaica-born DJ Crooks. “It’s Hip Hop at its purest, really. This is how we can honour the dynamic nature of the Jamaican music culture, paying respect to Reggae and Hip Hop at the same time.”