Thursday ● October 22nd, 2020 ● 10:23pm

Let them eat cake.

Adam Reverie “Black Boy Out In Poverty” [DON’T SLEEP!]


In life we are in constant search to discover our purpose, I believe my purpose is to inspire a generation through songs and live a life parallel to what it is I am conveying in these songs. Presented is my new single ‘Black Boy Out In Poverty’ from my forthcoming album “Idiot Writer”, a record I was privileged to premiere with The Smoking Section that boldly addresses the media (all parties involved) for targeting young blacks by constantly promoting negativity in Hip-Hop music. ‘Black Boy Out In Poverty’ is a record that NEEDS to be heard and has the power to uplift a culture and bring change.

The project and it’s message are bold. Adam Reverie’s on to something here… Check out the lyircs if you wish to follow along.