Sunday ● June 7th, 2020 ● 6:07am

Let them eat cake.

Lexie “Little Fun” [DON’T SLEEP]


Lexie is a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Leicester who is inspired by her old school taste in music. She has already had some career highlights such as writing with UK artist, Example and touring with The Saturdays. Lexie has recently been signed to both EGA Management and EGA Records in hope for a successful future.

Now for September 2013, Lexie is releasing her first single “Little Fun” in hope to steal the hearts of young pop music lovers. The inspiration of this track was taken from her memory of wanting to go out all the time but her parents would be there stopping her; something that all teenagers can relate to.

Lexie’s talent has overwhelmed many people so far and industry experts say she has potential to be the next big female artist in the UK. Her first single is just an insight as to what she has coming in he future!