Monday ● February 24th, 2020 ● 3:31am

Let them eat cake.

Motive “Substance Abuse” [MIXTAPE]


Miami’s upcoming underground artist and fellow Art Klub member, Motive, drops his new solo mixtape, “Substance Abuse,” in compilation with the “Substance Abuse” short film, directed by Ra-Image. Motive brings forth yet another masterpiece with help from Piff, Twizem, Zaybo, Ellz, chAce, Art Klub’s founder; Ransom, Jumpman, and Cloud Gang’s Ferg. Produced by Ransom, Black Market, and Benny B. and engineered by Munch, Motive takes his audience on a ride through his daily struggle of not only being a product of his environment but as a “Fly Stoner” battling with substance abuse. The tape begins with a call for help from Motive in Sober Thoughts as he portrays the power struggle with life that he is enduring. Motive’s ode to addiction and excruciating fight with drugs follow in Anxiety and Letting Me Go. High and Low and Hangover takes his audience further into the experience and effects of the subtance absue and the battles of such. Act Tough takes listeners into the next stage of his journey; a young man that’s reckless yet aware of the dangers of enemies and naysayers. He shows the listener an abstract side to a youth struggling with demons in Black Panther, revealing a righteous side to a seemingly delinquent without a care. Never Been and Living reveal yet another side to the rapper; not only is he this righteous young man and mentally abused, but he’s also well built to withstand the streets of Miami and the struggles it’s designed to destroy many. Withdrawl expresses the mind of a man who’s found love and lost it but won’t allow that to defeat him with the chest-beating Pimpin’ that follows. A triumphant scream from Motive in Timeless” as he describes the success in his life despite all internal discrepancies. Motive’s closer, RIP Whitney, sends a caution to listeners; even though he is going through these ongoing, everyday struggles of substance abuse and dependance, just as many may also be, one must carve his/her’s own path and define his own success.