Thursday ● June 21st, 2018 ● 9:40pm

Let them eat cake.

Almost Ohio “Monotony” [VIDEO]

Almost Ohio “Monotony” [VIDEO]

Last year my friend Scotty Del (of Raise The Bridges, Eddie Valiant, Big Bang, etc. etc) and I entered the Fake Four Factor Song Contest, a challenge to submit an original song over a beat made by the Canadian producer Factor.

We made it to the winning position over some other great entries, and above all were just excited to work with Factor and Fake Four.

While on tour last October we were stuck in a hotel room in upstate New York. With some spare time in this strange location, we decided to make a video for our entry “Monotony” and began the process of starting a full project together.

Today I present to you the low-budget, independently made video, and the single.

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