Wednesday ● February 22nd, 2017 ● 11:47pm

Let them eat cake.

Beats by Composition 4 [DOPE!]

I had the pleasure of meeting this dude ‘Composition 4‘ last week at this producer showcase/networking event we were co-hosting in TriBeCa. Plenty of producers came out and got to connecting with some of the artists on hand. Hopefully all these guys managed to build up some lasting business relationships, we certainly did.

Below, I posted his Soundcloud player featuring some crazy beats!! I like the emotion behind most of his instrumentals and that a lot of them revolve around the heavy big band brass sounds. Much like the beats that I (try) to produce, he’s developed a sound that’s unique and true to his style. If you’re in the market for some beats, or you just want to hear some dope music without lyrics, I’d recommend taking a listen and getting in touch with this guy!

Latest tracks by Composition 4

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