Friday ● February 28th, 2020 ● 9:52pm

Let them eat cake.

Paul Mighty & Louie Gonz “Move That Shit (Redux)” [VIDEO]

“Dedication,” the brand new album from rappers/producers Paul Mighty & Louie Gonz features 17 tracks produced and written by Paul Mighty and Louie Gonz.

Dedication. What is dedication to me? Dedication is putting everything you have into something you love. When you’re truly dedicated to something there’s no easy road, there’s no cut corners. When it comes to being dedicated to a certain goal, you may find yourself astray from your path from time to time, but through hard work, patience, and determination, you’ll always find a way to achieve what you set out for. This album is no different. Many moons ago, Louie Gonz and I began walking a path that has taken us in so many directions. Some good, and some, well, not so much. It is that path, writing and creating music, that has in large part brought us to where we are today. For years Louie and I have discussed and planned to some day release a music project that was “ours” entirely. Now, by “ours” I don’t mean solely he and I, but rather a culmination of all that we are. From the people that we’ve connected with along the way, to the things that we’ve experienced throughout our journey. This album is the result of so many years of hard work and I feel that it reflects all that we are as individuals. I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as Lou and I enjoyed creating it. So, for everyone who has crossed our path in the past, and for those who will do so in the future, I am honored to present “Dedication.” This is for you.

— Mighty

This is the culmination of years of development between Paul Mighty & Louie Gonz, long time friends and collaborators from Worcester, MA. Below’s the very first video off of the album “Dedication” from Paul Mighty and Louie Gonz. It was directed by Nick Cangello and Paul Mighty. Enjoy and show love.