Friday ● February 28th, 2020 ● 10:01pm

Let them eat cake.

Alpha Male Society x Rob Monster “The Monster + The Machine EP” [DOPE!]

AMSOC is back with their newest offering, Alpha Male Society x Rob Monster – The Monster + The Machine. As you may recall, each month AMSOC is teaming up with a different producer and collaborating on an EP worth of music for free digital release. The Monster + The Machine picks up right were I Believe In The Tears of a Girl Named Hannah left off with it’s knack for well thought out song writing, on point lyricism, and top notch production. This project was helmed by Greensboro producer, Rob Monster, and highlights his polished production style which created perfect landscapes of the emcees of the Alpha Male Society to work their magic. From the uptempo swing of Marvelous, to the crew energy of Who Better?, this EP is a must have for your collection. In an era of watered down hip hop, AMSOC strikes again…