Wednesday ● January 19th, 2022 ● 5:01pm

Let them eat cake.

Journalist MrMecc Offers Up The #JBF Kit Part 3, Piano Play

Here is part three of a three part series of new comedy skits from Journalist and artist MrMecc, who many of you know from his pen game and his work with Jumpoff TV.

In gearing up for the release of his upcoming mixtape, I Can Explain, and the world premiere of #JBF’s video release, MrMecc completes the trilogy of promotional skits with the release of #JBF Kit, Part 3, Piano Play for it which you can view below.

With his momentum picking up steam, MrMecc was asked to flex for Bosslady.TV x Convention Magazine’s all-star series “Minute To The Top” by the Bosslady herself, joining the ranks of Roscoe Dash, Don Trip, Dorrough Music and many more which you can view here.