Thursday ● August 18th, 2022 ● 7:37pm

Let them eat cake.

Chuuwee “The Crown Don’t Make You King” [DOPE!]

Chuuwee’s Crown Me King will serve as the prelude to his long-awaited official solo-debut, Wild Style, which will be released on 5-29-2012 via Amalgam Digital. Whereas Chuuwee’s previous efforts were hybrid sub-genres he created such as “neo-boombap” (neo-soul meets boom-bap) or “hooliganarism” which Chuuwee describes as Treach of Naughty By Nature meets Wakka Flakka Flame, Wild Style can be summarized as pure 90s Hip Hop, where he is taking the classic elements of the golden era with the look, sound and the feel and then applying them to the present day. Inspired by Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Big L, De La Soul with even hints of DMX, Wild Style promises to be Chuuwee’s break-out project, one that will showcase him as being a frontrunner lyricist from Hip-Hop’s new school; while also paying homage and respect to the great pioneers of the 1990’s. “Wild Style is the album that’s going to eradicate weak rap off the face of the map. It is the return of real Hip-Hop. It’s pure and it’s not me trying to re-make it. It’s not me telling you its 90s Hip-Hop; it is 90s Hip-Hop” says Chuuwee.

A few weeks ago we leaked the first track, “Lottery Ticket” from Chuuwee’s Crown Me King Mixtape, today we are releasing the second leak “The Crown Don’t Make You King” (produced by Audible Doctor, DJ Next on the cuts”) and needless to say, Chuuwee goes in “I be that ill n*gga in a Hilfiger wave cap/real trill n*ggas only bump Tip’s ASAP/no country for n*ggas in boots and suede jackets/looking like J-Lo in maid in Manhattan/how you had one of the/biggest trick n*ggas in the game on a no bitchassness campaign/where I come from *iggas will blast the damn thing/gotta n*gga cross-dressing in drag and gold chains/somebody put this weirdo shit up on the atlas/I’m here to fix rap with these R&B fags in it.”

Chuuwee’s “Crown Me King” Mixtape Drops on 4-24-2012 and his debut LP “Wild Style” Will Be Released On 5-29-2012