D1 “So Far Away” (Prod. by Voli) [DON’T SLEEP!]

D1, the Ohio native, now living in NY, has been building up a steady string of solid releases over the past year: Soul Blue, Rehab (featuring Elite), Far From an Angel, By My Side, and even producing and being featured on Voli’s Darkside. He now returns with So Far Away (produced by Voli), a new song from his upcoming Soul Album full length project, which is set for release in 2 weeks on 3/1/12.

You are transported into a relationship that, while once close and intense, is slowly drifting apart and no matter how hard you try – there does not seem to be anything you can do to hold on to or bring back that love. Trying to figure if it’s you, or if it’s her, and if there is something you should change, you find yourself losing yourself into the thought of becoming the person she wants you to become. You eventually snap out of it, realizing that you need to push forward and sometimes it might not be worth it… Does this sound like a movie? Does this sound like insanity? It sounds exactly like a deep love that sooner or later most of us end up being dragged through.

Voli (part of the Dreamville camp: along with J.Cole, Elite, Omen) pours his soul into the production which wraps around D1’s lyrics and allow them to reach even further into your head and heart. Jorge Gavidia’s guitar and Kate Hillson’s keys are amazing and take the track to a masterpiece level.


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