Wednesday ● February 22nd, 2017 ● 11:44pm

Let them eat cake.

Chance Jolivette “Alone in a Crowd” [MIXTAPE]

Chance Jolivette is an up and coming rapper for Louisiana. On his mixtape, CJ expresses the trials and tribulations that come along with being an underestimated, unsigned rapper and how the people in the local community treat him. This leads CJ to think of himself as an outcast, hence the name, “Alone in a Crowd”.

The mixtape features aBoyCalledMatt on the cover as well as guest song features from MCs Le GemDior and Jon Henry, with the entire mixtape being produced Mr C.O.D. The price for the album is only $0.00, so please utilize the option and donate something in exchange for the download.

The second feature is the video for his “Soul Searching” track which is featured on the “Alone In a Crowd” project. The song is a very personal song, where you hear CJ trying to be able find himself, and his true passion.

“For all my loners… For all my outcasts… For everyone that feels like their ‘alone in a crowd’… This is who this project is for.”

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