Monday ● February 24th, 2020 ● 2:50am

Let them eat cake.

Jetpack Jones “Reincarnation” [MIXTAPE]

First mixtape release for the southern Cali native under his new name, Jetpack Jones, formerly known as VenoM.

David Jones is an indie hip-hop artist hailing from the City of Angels, and in his rap career of two years this is his third project released, but his first project released under the pseudonym “Jetpack Jones”. The idea behind Reincarnation is that it literally is a reincarnation for David, it’s his introduction to the world with his new name and whole new attitude for the game. Reincarnation stands for more than rap music or indie music, it stands for something that we can all relate to, new beginnings.

The project has 13 tracks in total, 7 unreleased, with instrumentals from 11 different producers, all unique in their own brilliant way. Each track is a new story, a fresh start, but it all comes together beautifully for one project that boasts mass appeal and at the same time great experimentation, with genre-bending abstract hip hop music.