Tuesday ● January 21st, 2020 ● 7:14am

Let them eat cake.

Criss Lyric “Kickback” [VIDEO] x Nag Champa [EP]

To lay the groundwork for his next musical effort “Sumnar: The THC Project” which is dropping Monday March 7th – Criss Lyric is releasing an EP entitled “Nag Champa: A Preparation for Sumnar” featuring four new songs ONLY available on “Nag Champa”. Along with the EP is a video for the song “Kickback” which is on “Nag Champa”. You already know what it is, enjoy.

Be sure to check out Criss Lyric at his official page & on Twitter: @HeSoCriss

Criss Lyric – Nag Champa: A Preparation for Sumnar (EP)