Saturday ● June 6th, 2020 ● 6:10am

Let them eat cake.

Chris Young The Rapper “Most Wanted (Remix)”

Chris Young The Rapper has just released “Most Wanted Remix,” the third single from his forthcoming project Value Pack 2: Cream & Sugar, due out in February.

Building upon his reputation as an artist who channels inspiration from multiple genres, Young’s latest single is a remix of “Most Wanted” by New York City’s retro-pop duo, Cults, who are set to appear at Coachella on April 16th. Young’s effortless phrasing shines through a mixed bag of style featuring the main hook from Cults’ “Most Wanted” that is complemented by electric guitar and a mid-tempo beat.

Cults and I did a show together at the 4th Street Warehouse in Los Angeles, CA and I told them I would sample this song since I’m such a huge fan. This song is definitely an experimental experience. Value Pack 2, coming to an Ipod near you