Thursday ● August 6th, 2020 ● 3:23am

Let them eat cake.

Featured Artist: Jack Jeffery

Here’s another new artist that we recently came into contact with. His music doesn’t fit into just one category but to describe it best would just to say it’s good. Seeing as I’ve been listening and making notes on every track I’ve heard so far, it’s safe to say that I genuinely enjoy music that’s as mind blowing as this record. Since music is an outlet of emotion and energy, there is no “right, wrong or proper” way to make it. For some, going against the grain is what’s not only expected, its just a way of life… And if that made any sense to you, then this music will fit nicely into your collection.

The album “Passage to Agadir” has been favorably reviewed in the press, and Indie Music Digest recently characterized it as “a compelling musical journey.” It contains a variety of musical styles but is largely ambient, psychedelic and progressive rock influenced by Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, The Moody Blues, and Brian Eno. The tracks are sequenced to transport the listener on a trip through ambient, psychedelic, electronic, acoustic, and folk rock soundscapes.

Jack Jeffery ‘s music is definitely as unique as it can be. Over the last few decades this type of music hasn’t become less popular but it moved aside to make way for the more modern, progressive rock and grunge acts… Somewhere along the line somebody said enough is enough! There is nothing wrong with a little exploration of ones mind-scape. There is only one way to unleash the euphoria inside – and Jack Jeffery knows exactly how to do that.

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