Saturday ● June 19th, 2021 ● 11:35pm

Let them eat cake.

Programming Schedule

OK. Since I’ve been slacking way too much lately due to computer issues, BlackBerry issues, job issues and other random life issues (not that ya’ll care) so in an effort to keep myself occupied and keep ya’ll entertained, I’ve conjured up a weekly posting schedule that will hopefully satisfy the masses… Each day I’m gonna get around to writing something at some point. I’m not limiting myself to one a day… just setting a bar to guarantee that I get in at least one new topic every day.

Here’s the schedule (NOTE: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS):

  • Mind Over Matter Monday: Since it’s the start of a fresh week why not do what we all do best on Monday? Rant. Here’s when I’ll bitch and moan about everything and anything.
  • Tuesday BREAK-Time: Videos of people who suck at life so that we can feel better about ourselves!! Brought to you by
  • Play Back Wednesday: Keeping you up to date on the newest consoles, games and news in the world of video games.
  • Thursday Threads: Shining the spotlight on the hottest new styles and designs in contemporary streetwear.
  • Friday Freshness: Fresh blasts of new music from your favorite artists just to start the weekend off right
  • Weekends: Occasionally I’ll make some more time for weekend posting. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not… I had enough trouble trying to be original with my scheduling so if you have any beef, bring it to the table.

So yeah… Just something to get me motivated and keep me on track.