Thursday ● August 6th, 2020 ● 2:45am

Let them eat cake.

OnCue “Cuey Sings the Blues” [DON’T SLEEP!]

I said it before and I’ll say it again: This OnCue guy is fuckin’ shit up… in a good way! It’s bonkers!

Earlier this summer I posted his first single and it received a pretty good response. Thanks to your support, his team sent over the link for his mixtape as a token of appreciation, so I expect ya’ll to show the same love. “Cuey Sings the Blues” presented by 2DopeBoyz, Mick Boogie, Terry Urban & Christopher Truth goes hard and I DEMAND that you download it. If you’re a fan of true hip-hop, forget the gangsta shit of late and get with this new movement. Samples include the Dave Mathews Band, Third Eye Blind, and Death Cab for Cutie – making for some of the best production on an underground release EVER! These songs will become the soundtrack for our generation. Sounds deep, huh? Well it is…

2DopeBoyz, Mick Boogie, Terry Urban & Christopher Truth present “Cuey Sings the Blues” [Mixtape]