Sunday ● April 5th, 2020 ● 2:52pm

Let them eat cake.

The State of the Cake [TL;DR]

I started a blog specifically to blog… not to post music that I ‘stole’ (and i use that term loosely considering many factors) from other websites and blogs. Over these past few months I noticed the “original” content go from abundant to rare. That said, I am going to begin blogging – yes, I said blogging – something very few of these blogs actually do. Anything from my very random thoughts and positions, to my takes on current events in the world… The stuff I want to and have passion to write about.

The fact that I featured certain songs on LC wasn’t because I wanted traffic or download dollars… but because of the hundreds of songs I hear all week – maybe 10 make it into my iPod and I want to share my favorites – however good/bad you guys might view it. In all honesty, of all the songs I download on a daily basis VERY few make its way to this website and the ones that do are usually songs I like or songs that do have potential to grow on me.

YES, I will continue to post music and videos as often as they become available but Leftover Cake wasn’t supposed to be a just a music downloading site. It was more. I want to review albums, new fashions, promote music for people who make good music but don’t have the neccessary tools to reach out to people.

Leftover Cake is exactly that. If you had some, you’d share it, right?