Monday ● March 27th, 2023 ● 3:28pm

Let them eat cake.

‘Higher Thinking’ #1

This is the first installment of a (hopefully) weekly series I will be publishing. ‘Higher Thinking’ will consist of thoughts, notes and general reflections on my life as it happens. Consider it an open editorial, promoting higher education through a an open-minded thinking process.

Some of the garbage that I hear on a daily basis makes me sick. We need to pave a positive movement, despite all of the negativity in the world today, and keep steady heads while we blaze a path to the top. It’s time for something to dwell on.

Life is like a chess game. We need to reflect on the past and the future before we make our next move. If you don’t feel comfortable about something, there’s a reason for it. As products of our environment, we are genetically programmed to adapt to our surroundings; we sink or swim when it comes to our individual existence. You’ll never go wrong following your conscience.

Enjoy the weekend. And remember, be safe. Don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do.