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  • Maffew Ragazino Talks New LP “White Gold” [VIDEO] x “River Phoenix” [DOPE!]

    Maffew Ragazino Talks New LP “White Gold” [VIDEO] x “River Phoenix” [DOPE!]

    Maffew Ragazino takes a moment during a recording session at Krystal Clear Recordings to update his friends and fans about his upcoming free album “White Gold,” his favorite Jordan shoe, what you can expect from him in 2013 & more. “White Gold’ will be released in February 2013. River Phoenix – (Single) by Maffew Ragazino

  • Murs & Whole Wheat Bread are The Invincibles “Whole Wheat Bread” [VIDEO]

    Murs & Whole Wheat Bread are The Invincibles “Whole Wheat Bread” [VIDEO]

    Cali emcee Murs and Florida punk rock band Whole Wheat Bread are The Invincibles, presenting their six-song collaboration record, along with the music video for their track “I-10”. Murs first met the the Jacksonville punk legends on the 2003 Warped Tour. Years later they reconnected through mutual friend Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. They recorded some songs for Murs’ 2008 Warner Bros. releaseMurs For President. Red…

  • Maxx Pain “Theraflu” & “I Don’t Like” [MP3] x “I Ain’t For Sale” [VIDEO]

    Maxx Pain “Theraflu” & “I Don’t Like” [MP3] x “I Ain’t For Sale” [VIDEO]

    Maxx Pain launches into his second week of freestyles and sets off his newest video “I AINT FOR SALE”. Surrounding the Hype of Kanye West and Chief Keef’s Remix to “I Don’t Like” he decided to Remix Kanye West’s “Theraflu” track and Chief Keefs “I Dont Like” Song. MAXX PAIN – SHIMI SHIMI YA [FuckYoSong]…

  • The Truth “The Truth” [ALBUM]

    The Truth “The Truth” [ALBUM]

    Bebe Boohgz & Olivia Cipolla perform as the Contemporary Conscious Hip Hop duo “The Truth”. Together they deliver an explosive and emotionally charged project that we here at Leftover Cake welcome exuberantly. From the moment the first track begins there is a steady AND quite refreshing blend of multiple styles of music prevalent on this…

  • Truth Universal “Paperchase” [VIDEO] & “Get It” [MP3]

    Truth Universal “Paperchase” [VIDEO] & “Get It” [MP3]

    While Truth Universal is currently at SXSW, he dropped off a new video, “Paperchase,” and a new track, “Get It,” from his forthcoming LP Invent The Future. The video for “Paperchase” is an animated visual art project from the mind of filmmaker Mark Lester and deals with the struggle to attain and maintain wealth in…

  • Mic Audio & Sacramento Knoxx “Commercial Break” [VIDEO/MP3]

    Mic Audio & Sacramento Knoxx “Commercial Break” [VIDEO/MP3]

    Mic Audio (Stereo Boyz) and Sacramento Knoxx release the second leak “Commercial Break” off their collaborative effort “Mi Vida Es Como Un Pelicula ( My Life is like a Movie). The album is made up by Mic Audio of the Stereo Boyz laying verses and Sacramento Knoxx’ production and results in a 24 track strong…

  • Amir’ Driver “End of the Night” [DOPE!]

    Amir’ Driver “End of the Night” [DOPE!]

    “Let’s have some fun & get done lol… Heavy baseline & hard drums courtesy of my big brother Veano. Nothing too deep about this one though lol. F**k it (Shrug) lol… Enjoy” — Amir’

  • Blackswiss “Let It All Go” ft. Bobby Rose [VIDEO]

    Blackswiss “Let It All Go” ft. Bobby Rose [VIDEO]

    Rapper Blackswiss, born in Kingston, Jamaica and now residing in Toronto, Canada releases his video “Let it all go” featuring vocalist Bobby Rose. The visuals perfectly portay the story of a lost love, betrayal and trying to get back what you let go. Blackswiss released the song for free download. After perfecting his craft for…

  • Don DiGiorgio “Beyond My Grave” [DOPE!]

    Don DiGiorgio “Beyond My Grave” [DOPE!]

    The third unofficial single from Donomatopoeia, “Beyond My Grave” is Don DiGiorgio’s “confessional” about his position in the rap game. Over sampled production from DJ P’Dough, (see ’80s hair band Cinderella’s “Nobody’s Fool”) Don asks himself, “What’s it really got for me?” in regards to his hard work and dedication to his craft for the…

  • Cypher Clique “The Message” (Prod by D-Major) [VIDEO]

    Cypher Clique “The Message” (Prod by D-Major) [VIDEO]

    Delaware hip-hop trio Cypher Clique drops a smooth track with a 90’s feel, bridging the gap of old & new school. The video was shot by Akeem Cherry & edited by Indrajeet Sisodiya.

  • Geri D’Fyniz “Haterville” ft. J.Gram Williams [VIDEO]

    Geri D’Fyniz “Haterville” ft. J.Gram Williams [VIDEO]

    Here’s the newest single “Haterville” from Geri D’Fyniz off of his “Kwality Control Vol.2 (Ready To Win)” EP which will be released on December 13, 2011. This song is a combination of controversial informative knowledge. It talks about the difficult trials an unsigned or independent artist may endure in their hometown from media outlets, other…

  • Phil Ade “College Girls” [MP3]

    Phil Ade “College Girls” [MP3]

    Phil Ade is back at with #PhilAdeFridays, Check out how Phil flips Dom Kennedy’s “Dream to Me” into a dedication to all his favorite “College Girls.” Also watch new video of a day in the life of Phil Ade presented by Belvedere Intense.

  • Raw Facts “Love Never Lost” [VIDEO]

    Raw Facts “Love Never Lost” [VIDEO]

    Maryland rapper Raw Facts is new to the DMV scene. Hard hitting flow, New school delivery, and passionate lyrics mixed with a style that isn’t comparable, Raw Facts is one to watch. Weather it is a full record or even a 16, every time Facts is on a record you get the best of him.…

  • Nicki Minaj – Massive Attack [FRESH/CRAZY]

    Nicki Minaj – Massive Attack [FRESH/CRAZY]

    I heard this snippet earlier over at UHTN and just moments ago LowKey just dropped the full version. It’s weird but after a few listens I’m starting dig it. Hopefully ya’ll get a kick outta it. Otherwise just kick rocks. Peace! Listen/Download: Nicki Minaj – Massive Attack

  • Guilty – Jason Derulo [HOT!]

    Guilty – Jason Derulo [HOT!]

    Check out this blazin, new joint by Jason Derulo – ‘Guilty’ and let me warn you right now: Don’t sleep on it! I can see this playin’ on the radio and in the clubs this summer. Download: Jason Derulo – Guilty