D-Allen Hits ITunes Charts With New Album

“After a very successful last album with *Ambitious Thoughts*, the artist formerly known as Young D, who goes by D-Allen today, has just released a massive project that shows he is way more than underground or just a lyrical rapper. The album is a journey about how the artist learned his confidence and began to grow within it. The first track, *The Reintroduction*, is an aggressive anthem that shows D in a light of feeling underrated or rather unappreciated by his peers and listeners, but finding motivation in the fact he still feels like the underdog. You feel this energy through the first few songs and how he navigates through each emotion. The album also features well-known Louisiana artist Curren$y, giving D a layup on a track that was jazzy and very impressive. The rhyming patterns by D, mixed with Curren$y’s unique style, create a great song and are perfect for an album title track. The more introspective tracks give you a picture of who the artist is, such as *Confidence*, *Art of Correction*, and *God’s Gift*. They give off an emotion that’s raw but still feels so genuine.

D-Allen Rare Air Officially Available Now!!!!!

It recently charted #10 on the ITunes Hip Hop Album charts!


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