How Kid Vibe Became One Of The Biggest 420 Rappers

Meet Kid Vibe an upcoming rapper and influencer from Madison Wisconsin who has dreams of growing the cannabis industry. These last few years Kid Vibe has mentioned cannabis in almost every song he’s recorded. Expressing his love for the herb. In 2022, vibe started to review different products that he would try and promote the companies if he enjoyed the product. Than he would tie in some of his and his friends stoner music, promote it on Tiktok and he gained a whole new audience.

At the end of 2023 vibe had helped increase the number of product sales by almost 100k between 7 different companies.  Kid Vibe is now close to 600 million views on TikTok on his viral tracks Eastside & Driving through the 608. After recently touring with Riff-Raff & “Because I Got High” Rapper Afroman, Vibe continues to make music and plan more tours for the future.






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