The Malfettones, ChecktheStar and Louie Rock have joined forces on “Private Flight”

Las Vegas, Nevada – In a groundbreaking collaboration, The Malfettones and ChecktheStar have joined forces to deliver their latest hit single, “Private Flight.” Produced by the acclaimed Louie Rock and featuring the dynamic Harold “Floss P” Moret Jr., the video is set to take the music scene by storm. Notably, the music video stars influencers Pamela and Montana Rodriguez Twin Models, adding an extra layer of star power to this already stellar production.

From the pulsating energy of the hook to the seamless delivery by ChecktheStar, the single effortlessly blends heavenly vocals with an irresistible beat. What makes this release even more remarkable is the collaborative effort that brought the song and video to life within a remarkable 24-hour period, creating a truly magical experience.

At the core of this musical powerhouse are twin brothers Nicholas and Robert Malfettone, born and bred in the vibrant city of New York. From a young age, their love for singing and performing set them on a path that would ultimately lead to a musical journey that is now rising to extraordinary proportions.

Nicholas’s musical prowess garnered recognition early on when he stunned judges at the All-State NYSSMA Competition with his rendition of the enchanting Italian love song, “Amarilli Mia Bella.” Achieving a Gold with distinction rating of 97.4, Nicholas showcased his exceptional talent and secured a coveted spot in the All-County choir for Suffolk County.

Post-graduation in 2011, Nicholas took a detour into the Marine Corps as an Electrician, fostering discipline and a robust work ethic. Upon completing his service, he delved into producing and engineering in 2018, establishing himself as an artist with the release of his single “True” in 2020. Nicholas’s dedication has led him to collaborate with renowned producers, including Multi-Grammy Nominated producer Joshua Jbeatzz Adams and Voice Watkins.

Robert Malfettone, Nicholas’s identical twin, shares his brother’s passion for music, contributing his talents to various choirs throughout his school years. Robert’s collaborations with independent artists and recognition from producers like Harold “Floss P” Moret highlight his burgeoning success.

Together, Nicholas and Robert founded a production company, propelling themselves into influential figures in the industry. Their collaborations with various brands have garnered attention, and they aim to make a significant impact at the upcoming convention, anticipating substantial press coverage to elevate their careers further.

The Malfettones, alongside CheckTheStar, recently collaborated on a scorching new single that is poised to set the music scene ablaze. The trio’s combined talents have resulted in a track that pushes boundaries and promises to be a game-changer.

The seamless blend of Nicholas and Robert’s vocals with CheckTheStar’s dynamic presence creates a palpable synergy in their music. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and resonating with audiences on a deep level is evident in their latest single, showcasing their dedication, talent, and passion.

As The Malfettones, ChecktheStar, and Rodriguez Twins continue to make waves in the industry, they are poised to leave an indelible mark on the music world. With each project, they redefine what it means to be true musical forces, raising the bar for their peers.

Keep an eye out for their scintillating new single, “Private Flight,” produced by Louie Rock and featuring the Rodriguez twins in the music video.

Louie Rock who filmed and produced the video as well as the song, specializes in producing for television networks with over 100 sync placements such as on Disney, CBS, BET and more.

Stay tuned for updates, as this release is sure to captivate listeners and solidify their status as rising stars in the industry.













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