Rising Dynamic Duo out of Austin, Texas ChanWithDaLeft + Rosewood Renegade release new Album

When we think of successful producer + Artist duo of the music industry you think Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, Timbaland & Missy Elliot, 40 & Drake, some even name Kanye West & Jay Z. Meet today’s powerful Duo headed in the same direction of those greats listed above. An extraordinary Producer + Artist duo delivering musical greatness with every release. Chanwithdaleft & Rosewood Renegade rising straight out of Austin TX.

The Dynamic Duo debut their new LP titled “2 Sides 2 a Story” ping ponging soul touching reality rap lyrics over vibrant 808’s produced by ChanWithDaLeft.

Through a constant stream of releases and unflinching dedication to his craft, Renegade has set himself apart from the rest with his consistent delivery of Street Classic Albums with an undeniably realistic vibe to them all, while forming a connection with his audience as he shares his life story over beats.

Chanwithdaleft delivers a soul touching inspirational sound & has motivating lyrics on a bunch of different types of beats he creates himself. He is not limited in sound & style and has music for a lot of different types of listeners.

Together Chan & Renegade blesses us with this amazing LP to digest & grow with. Check it out. & make sure to stay tapped in. itsrenegade.com






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