Rappers Don Trag And Lil Gotit Are About To Fly Away

Don Trag is an up and coming rapper from Stoughton, Massachusetts that is ready to take the rap game by storm. He is one of the very few rappers in the Boston area that are creating a lot of buzz for themselves and gaining World wide notoriety, among others that as Joyner Lucas, BIA, Coi Leray, Millyz, Token & Cousin Stizz. Don Trag, 28, born April 8th 1993 is an independent artist with his own record label called “Big Boom Entertainment” where he’s the CEO and has already put out 4 projects “Blunt Ride” “Bitch Im Trag” “Big Boom” & “Big Boom 2” he is now getting ready to put out the 3rd installment to his Big Boom series called “Big Boom 3” which includes this new record with Billboard Top 100 charting potential called “Fly Away” featuring a major artist from Young Thugs YSL camp, Lil Gotit produced by Rockwood Productions. This will be the first single from the Big Boom 3 project and will be released accompanied by a music video that was shot by Newton Productions.

Don Trag got world wide recognition when he got into an altercation with Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Dababy back in May 17th 2019 when Don Trag performed as an opener for Dababy at Centro Night Club concert in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Dababy was scheduled to perform but instead of performing his well known celebrity security guard Kane Kongg who is 6’9 350 pounds and 3 other members of his Billion Dollar Baby entourage would jump Don Trag for asking for a picture with Dababy. The video of the incident would later end up on TMZ where people in the comment section started extreme backlash towards Dababy and referring to Don Trag as Thanos due to the fact that in the 1 minute TMZ clip Don Trag was fighting back against a group of grown men that “looked like The Hulk and 3 avengers and never fell on the ground.” Kane Kongg even posted a video on his social media account with a band aid over his nose claiming that Don Trag “Stole” on him and had him “bleeding everywhere” in other words that Don Trag punched him in his face trying to justify the reasoning for jumping him. By the looks of it Don Trag doesn’t seem phased by any of this. In the meantime Don Trag has been busy at work and has put out his debut album Big Boom 2 with an appearance from global superstar Michael Christmas on stand out soundtrack “Be Patient” and is now streaming on all platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc. He’s also put out music video singles such as “My Own” & “Swervin” and features on songs with Nice Eyes called “Mobsters” and Wu-Tang like soundtrack with Under World Recordz called “Keys to the world” performing at concerts opening for headliners such as Lil Baby, Gunna, Bezz Believe, Lil Zay Osama, Jay Critch, Foolio, & Lil Gotit he is showing that he is a seasoned rapper and ready to take on the obstacles that come with the rap game to get to the next level and with this brand new single called “Fly Away” featuring Lil Gotit it sounds like he’s on the right path to do just that

You can follow Don Trag on Instagram @DonTrag223 & on Twitter @Don_Trag

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