@TMGFresh – “Ice Cold”

Continuing to lure in the ladies with his Playboy-like vibes, TMG Fresh delivers the music video for his smash single “Ice Cold” from the critically acclaimed debut EP Mansion Music.

In the music video TMG Fresh sips champagne with a diverse trio of ladies as he plays his hand in a multi-million dollar game of poker.

“I love the cadence and the falsetto of the hook and how the song changes speed,” TMG Fresh explained of his new single. “On the video set it was a mix between being fun and being extremely stressful. We were under a time constraint and were behind from the very beginning so half the time I was going bad and pressing the crew to move faster. But there were also some super cool, super cute girls that were shooting with me so the other half of the time I was just chillin and joking around with them. I was bouncing back and forth between flirting with the girls and yelling at the crew.”

Flourishing on the Hollywood nightlife scene, while being managed by “Mr. Welcome to the Show” aka Sincere Show, this young Hollywood millionaire is making big waves across the West Coast social scene getting co-signs from Wiz Khalifa, Eric Bellinger, Rich the Kid and many other artists and entertainers.

Rumored to be the offspring of the late-great Hugh Hefner, for the last 6 months TMG Fresh crafted his brand with mogul-like vibes as both he and Sincere Show have developed a partnership that’s setting the pace for all of 2019.

Previously TMG Fresh broke on to the scene releasing the singles “Playboy Fresh” and “Throw a Stack” which garnered heavy attention online.

The November release of Fresh’s Mansion Music EP garnered support from the likes of The Source, AllHipHop, TrapsNTrunks, Young California, Dirty Glove Bastard and many other influential rap sites from down South to the West Coast.

In the coming Months TMG Fresh will also be releasing his collaborative project with Sincere titled The Bad Boys of Hollywood. The 4-5 track EP is chock-full of tunes geared towards the strip club and other nightlife scenes from Miami to LA to NYC to London and beyond.

When asked about his music and how people feel about it, TMG Fresh said:

“It’s just a vibe, you know, It’s just a vibe…”





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