Lil Thony – “Know She Gone F*ck” Ft Sukihana

Closing out the year with more heat ATL rapper Lil Thony dropped the comedic track”Know She Gone F*ck” now we get the visual.

Featuring fellow Atlanta rapper Sukihana (@Sukihanagoat), Lil Thony solidifies his place amongst the rising talent of Atlanta’s next wave of artists alongside one of the most outspoken female emcees on the rise.

“Just being popular in the area and having everyone telling me I have the look and image, everyone started asking about music, and so I really started to take it more seriously and focused on my craft writing more and coming up with concepts that would get people’s attention,” LIl Thony explaind.

“Everything is weird to somebody, until its cool to a lot of people, but my style just came about from me not wanting to do what other people do. Sometimes people can relate to it because they live the life I live too, but what you see is just me expressing myself – I’m not always trying to be funny, this is who I am,” Lil Thony said.

Peers and fans alike are taking notice as Lil Thony recently had a big feature for his song “Call My Phone” which featured the lyrics of Kap G.

“I like to freestyle, but I really like to write and perfect the song. Usually I find the topic and the words and people pretty much know what the song is about before they even hear it. Like my song, Bitcoin” Thony said.

Closing out the year and rolling into 2019, Lil Thony is hoping to go viral with some of his new content, making connections on the business side of music.

“I’m hoping to learn from different people, building with artists and expanding my brand, learning ways that I can build new fans. I try to look at sh*t from all angles; you can do anything and get a fan off it, so it ain’t got no limit to my creativity and I just like to have fun.”






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